Providing Unique & Challenging Solutions for Special Operations Forces

  • Effects Based

    We understand skill sets that are required by Special Operations Units in order to execute variable mission sets. Mission support and training curriculum are based around desired effects and backward planned from from the lens.

  • Mission Relevant

    Our staff and cadre of instructors have recent and relevant operational experience. They have trained, deployed, and executed the missions in which we train operators and operatives. They speak intelligently about the demands of current missions, not what the mission was 20 years ago.

  • Quality Minded

    When tasked by our customer to provide mission support or training; we ensure only the highest caliber personnel and instructors are slated against all requirements. We will not cut cost an in turn build training scars or use “Admin Injects.”

  • Real World Grounded

    Nothing can replace experience, especially in the Special Operations realm of work. We strive to keep on the cutting edge of operations through our extensive network with the Special Operations community and cater solutions to those trends and requirements.

About Us


Our Mission is to provide unique and challenging solutions to Special Operations Forces. We cater to both the training and mission support realm with a cadre of personnel with recent, relevant, and real-world experience. Whether short notice, or over a Joint Operations and Readiness Training (JORT)/ ULT/ UMT/ PMT cycle, we stand ready to support in whatever capacity is required. When possible, we bring the training to the customer in order to sustain the dwell ratio for our SOF operators. When the mission requires travel, Kinetic Concepts deploys and prepares the Realistic Military Training packet (RMT) wherever the venue best fits the requirement.


Training Solutions

We provide solutions for Special Operations Forces in dynamic and challenging environments. Kinetic Concepts provides solutions in Sensitive Activities (SA), training with Realistic Military Training (RMT) packages for units in need of specialized environments to train on the MET tasks associated with their JMETL. These solutions will be as realistic as possible, with the difference of report and continue versus report and abort. We build training scenarios without “admin” constraints. This is your mission, train as you fight. Allow us to be the ones who flex for requirements, not the operators.

Kinetic Concepts has the capability to build Opposing Forces (OPFOR), Situational forces (SITFOR), or Partner Forces at any level to meet any customer training requirement.
We are able to provide and integrate cultural specific role-players to create real-world mission requirements.
We provide Planning and an Exercise Support cell to develop and execute Realistic Military Training (RMT).



We in concert offer mission support to real world operations. Whether analytical support, or operational support, Kinetic Concepts offers solutions to your real-world problems. We can supply personnel to support contingency operations or singleton operations, the world is your oyster. We have people to fill operation or training gaps and can provide services when and were necessary. As a core competency of the company, we will provide any assistance you feel necessary.


Training Areas ofSpecial Emphasis

  • Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS)

    Concept and Overview
    Best Practices and Mitigation Strategies

  • Advanced SERE Techniques

    Personal Restraints Defeat and Lock Defeat
    Vehicle Acquisition
    Urban and Rural Evasion Planning and Techniques

  • Pre-Mission Core Tasks Training and Validation

    Low-Visibility Singleton and Small Team Personal Defensive Techniques
    Defensive Driving Techniques
    Personal Communication Hardening
    Operational Communication Discussions
    Medical Re-fresher Training with Singleton and Small Team Emphasis


We Are Open 9 AM to 10 PM* Monday to Saturday

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